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Someone once told me that as you grow older, you get wiser. In 13 months I'll be eighty, so I am surely getting older, but may not be any wiser but the Rankmark standards still remain the same.

I still get a bunch of requests every day from golfers wanting to know out what's the best driver or what's the best wedge or putter, sometimes the whole set of clubs!? Ask I always respond with the following:

• How many have you tried?
• Which do you feel most comfortable with?
• Which gave you the best overall results?

Lets break down these questions a little.

You will never know if one club works the best for you if you only try one. In our testing, many golfers come with one club in mind but leave with wanting another.

What does comfortable mean? First you have to ask yourself what attributes of a club matter to you, and which are most important - looks, feel, performance. You would be surprised at how much a difference this makes. I have seem many a golfers that are loath to replace their old, trusty driver. And maybe they shouldn't but technology as come a long ways with todays clubs.

You must factor having the club fit to you in order to really gage overall performance. So after you find the club(s) you are comfortable with, have them fit.

If you believe you have the best club in your hands, you'll make the best swing. If you make the best swing, guess what? You will get the best results! Think about it!

Editors note: Breaking my own cardinal rules, I started playing with a set of irons that our testers rated very highly. I hit them very well on the range and thought I could get used to the looks - I couldn't - played miserably with them. Changed to a set that I have been wanting for a while, hit them much better and longer. As Charlie says, if you like the club in your hands, you will have better results on the course.

Charlie Mandel, founder of MyDivots and Florida Sun Coast Golfer
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