The CamCaddy
The CamCaddy One of the best ways to find a swing fault is to use a video recording of your swing or stroke. You have probably noticed that more and more instructors working at a range use videos from their smartphones as a teaching tool. I record my swing and seeing my swing is a great help in fixing my swing (currently pushing my irons to the right).

So when the CamCaddy came across my desk recently, I was immediately interested. The CamCaddy is a cradle to hold your smartphone. It attaches to any alignment stick which is a good game improvement item to have in your bag at all times. You can also order the CamCaddy with an alignment stick if you don't already have one.

The CamCaddy securely snaps onto the stick at any height and will hold any smartphone with or without a cover, something I appreciate. I tend not to use products that require too much time to setup and use. I tried bringing a tripod to the practice range and then bought a tripod that I could use my bag as the base. Both of which are sitting in my garage gathering dust.

Because the cradle adjusts to any height, I can use it for full swings as well as putting. The CamCaddy fits easily into my bag and since I always have my phone and alignment stick with me, I tend to use this cradle often.

Some cons: I did find that on windy days, the cradle moves making it much harder to record a good video. This can be mitigated somewhat by lowering the cradle on the alignment stick. A second drawback is that a couple of the places I frequently hit balls, I live in LA, do not have grass behind the hitting mat so I can't set it up on these ranges. And lastly, it is much easier to setup using another person to get a proper alignment. My way around that is to use my golf bag.

All in all, the CamCaddy is another good item to have in your bag, it will make a difference if you use it.

Price: $29.95 - Manufacturer Website

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