SKLZ Gold Flex
SKLZ Gold Flex The SKLZ Gold Flex trainer has become one of my go to game improvement products. I sit behind a computer all day and get stiff, and stiffer. I have taken to leaving the Gold Flex by my door so whenever I take a break, it's there to remind me to use it.

I find that not only does it help to develop a good rhythm in my swing, but it takes a lot of the stiffness out of my body and increases my rotation around my core. The manufacturer claims that it promotes a flatter swing plane but I have found that although it helps, you still have to make sure you are not coming over the top (upright swing plane).

The one problem I have with this product is the grip. I find myself worried that because the trainer is heavy, it will wind up in my neighbors backyard (if I'm lucky) one of these days. All this leads to increasing my grip pressure which, at the moment, I am trying reduce. The upside is that it also strengthens my hands and wrists. So, wear a glove.

Price: $69.99 - Manufacturer Website

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I have a similar piece of equipment which looks very much like tne SKLZ Gold Flex trainer, I mean the ORANGE SWING TRAINER. I utilize it with various other tools such as the MOMENTUS Heavy Driver, the MOMENTUS SWING WHOOSH,the SWINGRITE. It does help me to increase the speed of the clubhead and keep my body supple. I would like to have it fitted with a molded grip as my other pieces of equipment. I swing 50 to 100 times per day with it at full speed. Keeps me fit (I am 78 years of age -Handicap 7)