Palmbird Putter Grip
Palmbird Putter Grip With more and more fat grips showing up, we test a very interesting grip, the Palmbird. This grip is designed to fit in naturally your hands making it much easier to keep the club face square at impact.

As usual, we tested the Palmbird with the general public as well as our staff. Mid to high handicap golfers, for the most part liked this grip primarily because it kept their hands out of the putt.  People who did not like the grip knew so immediately and for the most part did not even bother hitting a putt with it. We noticed that golfers with big hands really liked the grip.   
The players with low handicap were a little more troubled by the size and the back weighting of the grip but did agree that the grip really did fit naturally into their hands. I handed the putter to a few golfers under the guise of trying the putter rather than the Palmbird grip and noticed that they took to the grip without thinking about it and often remarked about how light the putter felt. When asked about the grip, they said it just fit their hands.

Palmbird Putter GripIt is a big grip and definitely changes the way the putter feels in your hands as well as how much lighter the putter felt, but adapting to it was very easy for most players. Almost all golfers felt that the grip took the hands out of the equation and made for truer strokes with the putter.

We did feel that the choice of the putter you use, because of the weight of the grip, is relatively important. The grip will make your putter feel much lighter. One of the putters we tried the grip on was very light to begin with making the putter head feel almost weightless.

All in all, this was any interesting grip. So if you have are having problems keeping the putter face square at impact, this grip is definitely worth trying.

Price: $19.95 - Manufacturer Website

buckeye doug
I am big fan of the palmbird. I have made a lot more 5-10 putts with it. Much cheaper than a new putter