iPING Putting App
iPING Putting App I put the PING putter app threw it paces and found it to be a very useful tool. The app requires an iPhone 4 or iPod Touch and I have included the PING video below that will tell you all the features of the app. But I took it a step further.

As you know, we recently concluded putter test and I have embarked on a quest to find the best putter for me. So I decided to use the app on a number of putters with differing designs - blade, medium sized mallet and big mallet. Some of the putters I tried were in my finals list but I also tried some that I found did not work for me. The PING putter app pretty much confirmed my findings. I was much more consistent with the NIKE Method concept than with any of the blades I tried. Of the small headed mallets, the TaylorMade Ghost Tour FO-72 was also a very consistent putter for me.

The iPING app gives you a lot of good information that will help you become a better putter. It allows you to measure your putting stoke and great when used for improving your putting stroke. The app is free and you can get the cradle at your local golf shop or online for $29.95, I did find a couple on the web for less.

Oh, and you can compare you stroke to a number of PGA pros, Bubba Watson was the closest to me. Well, I guess I should give Bubba top billing - I was closest to Bubba.

Download the iPING putter app.

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