The Swedge
The Swedge Is the dreaded chicken wing swing effecting your golf swing? Do you use a towel under your armpit? How about a head cover? If you do, the Swedge might be for you. It basically does the same thing as the head cover or a towel but in a much nicer manner.

Many golf instructors recommend this drill in order to emphasize keeping your arms and shoulders connected during your swing. This will improved your consistency and increase your swing speed giving you more distance. In testing this product, I also had a teaching pro try it even though he was not a strong proponent of the full towel drill. He did not like the towel but felt that the swedge would work with his students because he can set the point where he would like the swedge to drop easier than using a towel or glove.

Additionally, we all have used a game improvement products and often they wind up in the garage because we forgot to bring it to the range. One of the nice assets to the swedge is that it comes with a handy carabiner to hang it on your bag. Even if you don't use it that day, it is a good reminder to stay connected during your swing. It comes in three colors, get the color that contrasts with your bag so it stands out as a reminder.

Price: $29.99 - Manufacturer Website

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I am not a proponent of the towel or the golf glove or the Swedge to be utilized under the right armpit. It restricts too much the the left arm extension (remember the left arm is the most important arm in the swing, it's the leading arm and has to remain as straight as possible to give you the biggest leverage). The place to use the Swedge is under the left armpit keeping the left arm as much connected as possible, in particular when you arive in the region of impact so your torso turns with the arms close to the upper body to avoid the "chicken wing" you have to use your right arm as if it was carrying a tray (the waiter's trick: the arm has to be at right angle with the ground. Work on your suppleness to get there (there are exercises with a dumbell for that).