SwingNumber The SwingNumber is a very small product (will easily fit in your pocket or golf bag) that emits a light when it detects the sound of your club hitting the ball. There are two settings, one that just flashes a light, the other a random number and can be seen in all light conditions.

We tended to diasgree a little with the manufacturer but the basic principle works as intended - helps keep your head down during your swing. We found that putting the SwingNumber in any place other than right in front of the ball (obviously far enough away so as not to hit it) resulted in us looking at the product rather than the ball especially when trying to read the numbers. With the SwingNumber in front, it helps keep your head down and additionally keeps your head moving through the swing rather than getting your head stuck always looking down. The main object was not to focus on the SwingNumber but notice the light as you swing through the ball.

After a number of swings, it becomes easily apparent when you lift your head too soon. So does it work, yes. And what we liked was that it was inexpensive and could be easily put in any pocket of your golf bag so it is there when you need to work on keeping your head down.

Price: $24.95 - Manufacturer Website

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