The SwingWing
The SwingWing A SwingWing wind-resistance training aid came across my desk the other day. There are other resistance trainers out there but this one is unique in that it is inflatable allowing for easy carry - deflate it and stick it in your bag. It is also designed to fit on any club and is made of a soft material that won't scratch your clubs.

I previously tested, and still use, the SKLZ Gold Flex trainer. This seemed like a good product to compare against the SwingWing since they promote similar results but different ways. In most areas, the SwingWing came out on top - ease of carry, works on any club, additional uses and because it is wind-resistance, less impact on your joints. Since these products theoretically produce the same results, I decided to do a very informal test between the two products.

Using the heavy trainer first, I took 20 swings and then measured my swing speed. The next day I did the same test with the SwingWing. I found that Gold Flex promoted a faster, though not by much, swing speed. But, as mentioned above, found that the SwingWing was much easier on my body. Interestingly, because of the way both felt, I thought I was swinging faster after the 20 swings with the SwingWing. The club just felt lighter.

So what do I take away from this? The SwingWing is definitely a more user-friendly product and has similar results to the heavy trainer. I feel that the Gold Flex has the edge when it comes to increasing your flexibility, primarily because of its weight. But that said, I tend not to carry it for the same reason.

Additionally, it's design allows the SwingWing to be used for other purposes, not the least of which is a travel pillow. Check their site for more uses.

Price: $29.99 - Manufacturer Website

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