Tempo Teacher
Tempo Teacher This product we had some problems with, the instructions were very hard to understand, the belt clip was a bear to get on and it is not readily apparent what it does for you. We feel it is missnamed. After struggling with it, I called the manufacturer. He explained the product and it's use. He also mentioned that the belt clip and instructions were both in the process of being changed.

The Tempo Teacher lets you know if your hips are leading your arms through the swing. This is the reason we had problems understanding the product, all of us had pretty good swings with proper movement so we did not see the what it did. After our talk with the manufacturer, we took it to the range and found someone that was struggling with this problem, had him try it and it then became apparent the effectiveness of the Tempo Teacher. If your hip turn is not correct, you will feel the Tempo Teach rod hit your arm. If the rod is not pointing at the target at the end of your swing, your hips are lagging behind.

We liked the ease of use of the product after learning what it is supposed to do - uncomplicated with good instant feedback.

Price: $24.95 - Manufacturer Website

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