Tour Sticks
Tour Sticks Now here is a product we really liked, and it is good for all handicaps and swing types. Plus, it is one the the least expensive, most effective product we have tested. Instructions are good and drills on the manufacturer's website are great. And yes, we understand that you could do the same thing with a trip to Home Depot, but at $14.95, why bother. You get color choices, end caps, pointed ends to stick in the ground and they are available at most golf shops.

We aren't going to go into all the uses but the simplest, and the one I use most, is alignment. I struggle with getting my feet in the proper position and when I am on the range, I pull out my sticks (they live in my bag) and work on getting feet aligned properly.

In our opinion, these should be in everyone's bag. The cost, easy of use, the multitude of uses and simplicity of use just cannot be beat. Go get a set.

Price: $14.95 - Manufacturer Website

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