PnP Wedges

Tested interesting clubs recently, the Rake wedges from PNP Golf, an Australian golf company. Though primarily know for their putters, Rake Wedges are their newest clubs.


Sand Wedge

The PnP Sand wedge
So why is this club interesting, in my opinion it is one of the ugliest club I have ever tested; but it works and works well. I used a 56 degree wedge with a loft angle of 26 and it did everything a wedge with these specs it's supposed to do and more. I easily got out of bunkers (making 2 sandies while playing a round with the wedge). Off the fairway, it was a little shorter than my normal wedge, a Mizuno MP-R12. But where is really shines is out of deep rough. The wedge effortlessly cuts through the tall grass like it was not even there, and I do mean effortlessly. It's like playing from the fairway. Most of us worry about hitting short chips to a close pin. The Rake will take away a lot of the trepidation on making those shots from taller grass.

Lob Wedge

Like the sand wedge, the PnP lob wedge cuts through rough with ease. One of the things I noticed with the lob wedge that I had not noted while using the sand wedge is that I changed my swing for both of these wedges. The club feels heavy and I instinctively relaxed - I was not forcing shots as I have a tenancy to do. I let the wedge do the work, causing less tension, the way it is supposed to work. The ball got up quickly and easily on lob shots and I could impart good spin where necessary. I did like the sand wedge better for shorter chips. Lob shots are a breeze on any surface - tight/skinny lies, hard pan, thick grass - again I think it was the feel of the wedge for me that helped on all surfaces.

Both wedges are available in two weights (310g and 300g), three different shafts and various lengths. These wedges can now be purchased and shipped in the US. You can read about all the specifics here, but if looks don't matter to you or you are frequently in the tall grass, try these clubs, you will be surprised.

buckeye doug
Bought the PNP wedge on e-bay. Trying to replace alien (rough) and get automatic out of sand. I looks like it should work but not worth the money