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Drivers Test Results 2012

If we have learned anything in these golf club tests it is that there is a club that will work better for you and it may not be the one you expected. Testers invariably come to these tests with a club or two in mind. More times than not, they finish the test and find a club they may not have ever thought of using. The preconception of what club they should have comes from advertising, what the pros use or what friends have have told them. Now this, in an of itself, is not bad thing just as long as you don't automatically take these recommendations as gospel. Use them as a starting point. This is what Rankmark is all about, giving you suggestions, based on what a group of golfers in your handicap range felt about the clubs they tested.

Why did we hold this test so late in the year? Deals! It's the end of the season and many manufacturers are getting ready to release their new models so deals abound. You can get up to $100 off a lot of the drivers we had in this test.
Overview of test: click here.
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