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Hybrids Test Results 2011

First, let me welcome back Adams, their clubs were missed in this years tests and it is good to have them back in our testing program. Unfortunately, Taylormade and Titleist did not participate in the Hybrid test.

Hybrids were an interesting club type to test because they came in two distinct styles - flat sole and curved sole. We found that in all of the hybrid models with flat soles, the tester either really like the club and gave it high marks across the board or did not like the club at all. Hybrids with curved sole plates were more evenly spread across the rankings, there were more middle of the road rankings rather the the like/dislike of the flat soled clubs.

What does this mean to you. You need to try at least one Hybrid from the two styles of soles. Then try more clubs with the style you liked. There is a club you will like better than the rest.
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