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Wedges Test Results 2012

The wedge test is finally done. Due to various reasons and conducting the tests in two different states, the test took a long time to complete. One of the reasons was that we used four different swings to rate these clubs - full swing, pitching, chipping and bunker shots.

Some of the results were as one would expect but there were a number of big surprises. One newcomer to the market and a couple low profile manufacturers had very good scores.

We also had two clubs stolen, one in Florida and one in California, which is a first for us. I guess it would lead us to surmise that wedges are a club that if you like it, you have to have it now. We have guesses as to which testers took the clubs and all of them were very excited at how well the wedges worked in the bunker. Thus reinforcing the value of a good short game, although we would like to come to this conclusion a different way.

So read the reviews and give a few a try that you would not have thought of, you might be impressed.
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