Product Testing

MyDivots is adding golf product testing. All of us want to take strokes off our rounds of golf, to make us a little better, more consistent. Some of these tests will be done by MyDivots staff and some, like the clubs, will be done by you, the everyday golfer. I addition, we will be moving our testing around the country. Let us know if you would like to see a test in your area. We can't guarantee we will get to your location, but we will try.

We feel that there are a lot of products out there - golf club fitting, apparel, grips, shafts, just too may to list. And the ever ubiquitous training aids, of which there seems to be thousands. So which one will make a difference to you.

We have started this section with club fitters. MyDivots feels that this is the place to start after finding the proper set of clubs for you, they must be fit to your swing. This will take one of the major factors out of the equation, the best place to start. That is why we have for the last decade, concentrated on golf clubs.

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