Cobra Long Tom Driver(Staff & Golfers)

During our hybrid test, we had golfers try the new Long Tom driver from Cobra. This club is longer, 48 inches, and lighter, 269g, than most clubs on the market today. Along with other innovations, Cobra kept the overall feel comfortable for golfers that liked this club.

Cobra Long Tom DriverThe Long Tom driver lived up to it's name. After the initial shock of feeling the weight of the driver which elicited many surprised looks, most wanted to try the club. We also found that telling them that the club was 48 inches long was very intimidating so we stopped mentioning that until after they tested the driver. The golfers who tried and liked the driver all said they got a lot more distance. Additionally, it was one of the most consistently ranked club we have ever tested. For golfers that liked the club, we had no marks lower than four (five being the best) for all ranking categories - looks, sound, feel, consistency and distance.

Long drive contestants know the benefits of a long club. I participated in the Pinnacle Long Drive series for a couple years and used 50 inch drivers. After getting over the initial shock of looking at a driver whose shaft seemed to go on forever, I found that I could indeed hit the club and hit it longer. The length of these drivers did make it harder for me to control but in this series, one good ball in the grid is all you need. Shortening the Long Tom down to 48 inches seemed to help keep the ball in the short grass. However, the prevailing thought on shaft length is the shorter the shaft, the better the control. It appeared to our observers that the weight had a lot to do with keeping the driver more consistant while using a longer club.

The Long Tom is not for everyone though. Some testers just did not like the feel of such a light club and after hitting a few balls, handed it back. We even had a couple of testers that did not even want to hit the club after feeling the weight.

What's the bottom line. If you like the feel of the club, specifically the weight, you are probably going to hit the ball longer, and as we saw with a number of golfers, much longer. If you don't like the weight, you are not going to like this driver at all.

Go out and give it a try, you just might find an extra 25 yards.

I bought this driver because it was on sale last father's day. It took a little getting used to. I have a tendency to overswing the driver. If you swing this driver too hard you will be extremely disappointed. I started to use a more controlled swing and the driver works fantastic. I can now compete with my 27 yr old son. I'm 54. If you maintain a controlled swing the extra length of the shaft does the work for you. I couldn't be more pleased with a driver and I have tried all of them.
I have played with the 48 inch drivers before and there is no doubt they are longer. You will hit those short par 4's in one. a lot more pat 5's in two. but thoses eaagles are still a rare occurance. easy birdies - no doubt. But in the long run put these clubs away and learn to hit the ball consistently in the fairway. You will score a lot better. At the end of one golf season I traded in a well known expensive driver for some Ping Clones. I had used the Pings very successfully. I swung easy as I knew hitting the ball long was impossible. I shot 68 and 67 the next 2 days. I was in the rough once by 6 inches and otherwise I was in the short grass. Long Tom is just another Killer Bee thats 48 inches long. RJB
I've recently purchased the 10' reg and was a bit nervous having not hit one (couldnt find a local stockist) but reading up on it I was worried I might not get the ball off the tee. My driving over the past 2 or 3 years has been very consistent, hitting high 50% of fairways with good length, but I feel my "good" drives are not as long as they once were, perhaps i'm not the fearless 18 year old i once was? anyway, took it out last night and by god did i instantly notice the difference, I usually play a Cobra S2 10.5 set at neutral. this goes between 240 (for the slice) and 270 on the flat. My first drive with the Long tom I hit a big slice about 20 yards past my usual landing area for the hole. it was right out of the toe, I was still a little close i think. The next drive on the 5th was again right (somehting I've battled my whole golf career) but had massive carry. The next hole which has no bailout right, SI1 and plays like a par 5 I rip 280 into the wind with a touch of fade to just centre of the fairway. 35 yards past my usual landing area for the same shot. to allay any fears I had about landing this on the short stuff! I even got a draw on a drive a few holes later... Overall I feel for me, an average golfer who likes to drive the ball this was great fun but one I am likely to stick with, the lenght of shaft not as a great a concern as I feared, the lightness of the shaft/grip was the main surpise and one i am likely to take some getting used to, but in 3 or 4 drives (it only turned up a few hours before i went out so didnt even hit it on the range) I sorted out, to an extent, the new feel and I honeslty believe this is going to get me more birdies becuase lets face it, thats all we're playing for!!! Thanks Cobra... go and try one of these today (£80 off ebay delivered to)
I just Bought this Long Tom 10' regular shaft with Mid Kick for a fraction of the original price. The Driver I have been playing with for the last 3 years is the Cobra 10.5' S2 with the Fujikara Regular flex shaft. I took it for a bit of a test at the range and foudn it to be excellent. I will need to get used to the length of the shaft, but all in all 9 out of 12 balls exploded off the tee and rocketed into the distance. What a club! Playing from a 23 Handicap and a Swing Speed of between 92 and 96 Mph I am sure to make some heads turn.
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I'm wondering if the same flex I use now with a Cobra S3 (which I love BTW). I have a regular flex, but would surly swing it faster. Swing speed now is about 98 mph, but I'm very smooth and get more distance with a regular flex. What does everyone think?
4856 Bailey Dr
I'm wondering if the same flex I use now with a Cobra S3 (which I love BTW). I have a regular flex, but would surly swing it faster. Swing speed now is about 98 mph, but I'm very smooth and get more distance with a regular flex. What does everyone think?
I tend to lean towards Cobra as being easier to hit.
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I want to buy a 5 wood have high handicap am looking at a cobra or ping which do think?
Glenn go try this club , I had this unit for 7 months and yes when you first hit it ,,, it will go dead right . but after a round or two you will love it . Nice club.
Although the club makes a difference, the fact that you hit your current driver so straight indicates a good, consistent swing. Getting a new driver that fits you and your swing should make a difference and get you more distance.
I would love the opportunity to try this club. I've been using the same driver for the last 3 years and can't see to gain any distance. However, I hit it so straight I'm afraid to change.