Hybrid Golf Bags(Rankmark Staff)

Let's say you work for a relatively upscale company and the boss asks you if you want to play Trump's course with him and a couple top level executives. Answering yes is a must, you don't turn down an invitation from the boss. You normally walk or at least try to, but you know that at this course there will be caddies or at very least, the boss will take a cart. You show up with your lightweight bag quickly realize that it does't present the image that that says - I belong on this course. You really do not want to make your boss feel uncomfortable that he invited you.

A lot of you are now thinking, who cares but the reality in this case is that perception does matter.

Having faced situations that were similar, I decided to find the solution to this problem and came up with two possible choices - have two bags, a cart bag and a lightweight one for walking or go for a hybrid. I could also go with a cart bag and a pull cart but have I limited amount of space in my trunk.

Sun Mountain Hybrid Golf BagI started with a Burton hybrid. It's a nice bag, has plenty of pockets and a very convenient small pocket held shut with a magnet. It had legs that you could quickly lock in place but they did not expand easily. Next up was the Sun Mountain Hybrid. It weighs 6.25 pounds, has seven pockets and great legs, and we all like great legs. It has more pockets in front than the Burton making making it easier to have your essentials close at hand. This bag I could carry, it would work nicely with on an electric cart and would also work nicely if I decided to get a pull cart. I also had a few others golfers that generally walk try the bag and they liked it as well. The bag has four handles that made it easy to lift the bag in and out of my trunk.

The Burton's appearance was more traditional and low-key whereas the Sun Mountain comes with a modern, in-style look and feel. Both these bags had a way to stow the straps but I really would like the straps to be removable.

So the Sun Mountain Hybrid looks like it's the solution for me, I tend to ride but am trying to walk more often. I do have one suggestion for those of you that go this route - just because there are bunch of pockets you don't have to fill them all. I found my bag getting heavier and heavier as time went along and realized I kept putting things in the pockets rather than talking them out.

I added legs to my cart bag a few years ago, I don't mind carrying the extra weight as long as I don't need to bend over 90 times a round. After I did that I felt better that I wasn't dropping the clubs on the ground and kept me organized
Golf is 99.7% mental
This bag is so light for the size its amazing. I dont walk and carry much, I would rather use a pull cart, but on flat courses its nice to have the option to carry and this bag is perfect. It is so well designed and has every pocket and accessory hole or slot you will ever need. Sun Mountain got it right with the hybrid.
I just did it and could not believe what I had accumulated, had to be 5 pounds worth.
I wish I could talk items out my pockets!!:)