A Grip Apart(Staff & Golfers)

There are very few products, in fact there has only been one, that our testers found to be almost universally worth the price. Now there are two.

We tested the Secret Grip from Boccieri Golf and did not have one negative review. Lest you think that the grip is perfect, there were a few golfers that did not realize a benefit. But no one said they disliked the grip.

Here's how it was tested. I went through the irons left from the iron test and picked a couple 6-irons that I had two of - Mizuno MP-53 and Cleveland CG1 Tour, one a game improvement club and one blade. I took these irons and had each pair setup identically in loft, shaft and lie angle and added the Secret Grip to one from each pair, leaving the stock grip on the others. Then it was off to the driving range.

I warmed up and then hit six shots with the Mizuno that had the stock grip. Next, I picked up the MP-53 with the Secret Grip and hit a ball. It verged on unbelievable, the shot felt sooooo good and it was a little higher and longer. I then hit five more and had the same result. Now, what you have to understand is that I have not been playing much so my game has gotten pretty shaky and to hit six balls in a row straight is not something that has not happened in a while. I also found the feel of the club to be a little lighter, easier to swing on plane.

Another 30+ golfers later and my personal findings were confirmed; this grip makes a difference. Now, I expect that the extra distance may come as a result of hitting the sweet spot more often, but the higher ball flight and ease of finding the sweet spot appeared to be a direct result of the Secret Grip.

I will let you go to their website for all the how's and why's but basically the grip has a 16 gram tungsten weight in the end of the grip which changes the balance point of the club. Oh, and I really liked the feel of the grip. Most grips taper too much for me so I wind up adding extra tape to the lower part of the grip. The Secret Grip is thicker at the bottom of the grip and I won't be adding more tape. Yes, I ordered a set.

The grip also gives you a good insight into the philosophy that goes into building their clubs.

So if you have a chance, try a set. They are a little pricey but it's a small price to pay for such an improvement. If you are a little skeptical, order one and try it. My guess is you will go back for moreā€¦

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I'm curious too, what was the other product?
Interesting concept..will try them out. So whats the other product worth its price?