Practice more at home(Rankmark Staff)

Don’t get to the range enough? Would like to hit balls at home but don’t have the space? Well, we found an answer for you - the Swing Box, no more hitting plastic balls in the living room or backyard. Your family/roommates/friends will appreciate not having balls bouncing everywhere.

The Swing Box is a unique approach to hitting balls in a limited space. It allows you to take a full swing (make sure your ceiling is high enough) using mid to long irons into the Swing Box using your normal golf balls. Your shots penetrate through a couple layers of ropes then strike a matt that kills the momentum of the shot. The ball then rolls back to you. It’s heavy but that turns out to be a plus in that it does not move even after hitting many balls. It also comes with wings on the sides of the box for those dreaded miss-hits.

There are some disadvantages to the product. You can not hit wedges and high lofted clubs or drivers. But every iron and fairway wood I hit into the Swing Box gently fell to the ground as designed. I was able to hit over 50 balls in 20 minutes or so and afterwards I felt like a good session at the range.

For those of you that want to hit real balls at home but don’t have the space this is a great solution. The Swing Box is not cheap and you will also need to buy a hitting mat, but is solid and should last a lifetime. With a good mat and a Swing Box there is no reason you can’t work on your game every day. It’s working for me.

Check out the video below and go to the Swing Box website. for more information.

Golf is 99.7% mental
Cool product for guys that want to hit balls as often as possible.