We provide completely unbiased testing and reporting of golf equipment performance.

We use everyday golfers with a wide variety of skill levels, using P.G.A. Professionals to oversee our testing.

No charge to product manufacturers

Manufacturers cannot exert undue influence on our tests as we do NOT charge any fees for manufacturers to submit equipment to be tested.

Golf testing range

MyDivots is the industry leader in providing consumers with unbiased information that can help them improve their game and narrow the search for the right equipment. We accomplish this goal by "telling it like it is", not based on what we believe, but what REAL golfers actually say about the equipment being tested. Real golfers just like you.

Testing with robots, launch monitors and the like are good, but they do not take into account your style of swing. It does not tell you the proper club that will work for YOU. Our golf club testing does not take into account your swing either, it just gives you a place to start. It tells you what others in your range think about the clubs we test, a place for you to start in your quest for the proper clubs, the clubs that will work for you, the clubs that will knock a few strokes off your round of golf. We recommend you try several of the clubs, find the one that best suits your eye and feel, then go and get that club fitted to your swing.

select club to testFor over ten years, MyDivots has allowed everyday golfers to hit golf clubs and report what they think. Our service to golfers doesn't stop there though, thousands of golfers come to our website every year with all kinds of questions. We provide articles related to golf that affects everyone involved in the game. Whether the USGA is changing the grooves on wedges or you have a question about the 460 cc cap on drivers, we try our best to answer your questions.

Our goal is simple - We want people to come to MyDivots.com, discover what other golfers prefer, and leave better informed about golf equipment, while avoiding all the hype.

We welcome your comments and suggestions, after all, at MyDivots, it's about you, the golfer.