Why the name change?

Rankmark was founded in 2006 by Charlie Mandel, who quickly grew Rankmark.com to be the premier site for golf clubs testing and reviews. In 2010 Yank Price took over the site and rebuilt Rankmark.com into the golf and product testing site you see now.

In 2016 Charlie passed away which was a great loss to the golfing industry. Componding the loss of Charlie, Yank also got very ill in 2016 and was in hospitals for over 10 months during which time the domain name Rankmark.com was lost.

Yank recovered and changed the name to MyDivots. But because of Yank's illness, the site lay dormant. Now it is for sale as Yank is unable to test and review golf and equipment.

If you are interested in purchasing this site, please contact Yank at yank@teazer.com.

Thank you